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Honda will produce 10 electric motorcycles in the next 3 years

The world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, Honda, has unveiled a plan to become carbon neutral by mid-century. The first of the goals includes the production of 10 new electric motorcycles in the next 3 years intended for the European and Asian markets.

All future Honda motorcycles will use a new platform that Honda is developing under the name FUN, and for the Japanese, European and American markets, the development of three large electric models is underway, which will arrive on the market in the next two years. Honda will also continue to produce motorcycles with internal combustion engines, but has promised to be more environmentally friendly thanks to the use of ethanol-based E20 and E100 fuel.

Given that the current demand for electric motorcycles is not that great, we should not expect many high-performance models. This can be concluded from the slide published by Honda, where we can see 11 silhouettes of potential electric models, only four of which do not look like mopeds.

Source: Honda

700 CL-X Sport

For several years now, the Chinese motorcycle manufacturer CF MOTO has been trying to conquer the domestic and global market with its affordable street bikes. Thanks to good positioning but also connections with some of the leading brands in the industry such as KTM, CF MOTO is always one step ahead of other domestic manufacturers, not only in terms of build quality and performance, but also in terms of style. Such is the case with the latest model 700 CL-X Sport.

Following the recent introduction of the mid-weight adventure motorcycle, the 800MT, which uses KTM’s 800cc engine, the Chinese motorcycle manufacturer has prepared the most sporty 700 CL-X Sport model for the European market.

The 700 CL-X Sport is powered by a 693 cc twin engine with electronic fuel injection and four valves per cylinder. The engine power is 70 hp, which adequately classifies it in the class of medium-weight motorcycles currently led by Yamaha models MT-07 and XSR700. However, what sets the 700 CL-X apart from the competition are the premium components, such as equipped Brembo brakes and fully adjustable suspension, cruise control, self-deactivating turn signals and driving mode selection, traction control and ABS.

With an affordable price (around € 7,000), the 700 CL-X Sport will certainly be a good alternative for those willing to spend less money, as its competition like the KTM 890 Duke and Triumph Street Triple 765 costs much more.

Source: CF MOTO

Kawasaki fully electric by 2035

Like most carmakers, which have announced full electrification, Kawasaki Motorcycles Heavy Industries has said it will only produce electric motorcycles for developed markets from 2035.

The announcement of ambitious plans comes at a time when Kawasaki has yet to prove itself when it comes to electric motorcycles as it currently has none in its offering. However, that will soon change as it will place more than 10 electric models on the market by 2025. The company is also working on the development of hybrid, fully electric and hydrogen motorcycles.

By 2035, Kawasaki intends to sell only electric motorcycles in Japan, Europe, the US, Canada and Australia. The Japanese company said it wants to increase sales by 2.4 percent to 1 trillion yen, or $ 9 billion, and increase operating profit by more than 8 percent by 2030 from 6.1 percent this fiscal year.

Kawasaki claims that they are making efforts to reduce gas emissions, while also enabling easier ways to travel in the post-pandemic period. It seems that motorcycles can provide safer transportation in a world where people are more aware of the dangers of infectious diseases and the benefits of independent travel.

The largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, Honda, has announced that from 2040 it will only produce electric motorcycles.

Source: Kawasaki