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Armored Land Rover Defender

The South African company Armormax specializes in armored luxury vehicles and their latest work is the Land Rover Defender. It is an extraordinary SUV that, due to its dimensions and configuration, is suitable for modifications of this type.

Armormax offered two levels B4 level and B6. The B4 level of protection will stop bullets fired from all handguns, as well as fire from other weapons commonly used during carjacking. The B6 level is significantly higher and provides protection against attacks by automatic rifles such as the Kalashnikov AK-47 and Remington R5, as well as protection against grenades.

The exterior look of the car does not reveal that it is an armored car, which is a proof of quality, leaving no impression that there is anything valuable inside. However, the armor did have an effect on some parts. The rear windows do not open, and the armor has blocked the panoramic roof. The third row of seats was retained, which did not compromise the volume of the trunk, despite the new rear partition.

Both levels of protection are available for all Defender versions: 90, 110 and 130.


Source: Armormax