Increased demand for electric vehicles in Norway

Increased demand for electric vehicles in Norway

Norway is a country that, through its incentives, has enabled increased demand for electric vehicles. Also, in the next few years, Norway intends to become the first country to stop selling petrol and diesel cars.

Although it is among the 20 largest oil producers, Norway is seeking to increase the number of electric cars on its roads. The goal is 2025, but according to the current demand for electric vehicles, that could happen even earlier.

According to the Norwegian Information Council for the Road Traffic (OFV), 1 in 10 new cars sold in Norway is non-electric. Only 5% use gasoline, and even fewer are diesel-powered.

According to data for this year, only 20% of new cars sold were not electric. This means that sales of electric vehicles in September jumped by 46% compared to September last year, and the best-selling models are the Tesla Model Y and Model 3. The electric Škoda Enyaq broke through to third place. Interestingly, the fourth is the Toyota RAV4, the only hybrid in the Top 10.

Buyers of electric vehicles are exempt from taxes on the purchase and import of vehicles, taxes on roads, and they also have large discounts when paying tolls, parking and ferries.

“The tax is progressive – it depends on the mass, CO2 and NOx emissions, so large vehicles with high emissions become very expensive,” said the Norwegian Automobile Federation.