2023 Ferrari LMH 499P

2023 Ferrari LMH 499P

At the beginning of the year, the head of Ferrari Attività Sportive GT Antonello Coletta announced that after half a century, Ferrari is returning to the WEC (World Endurance Championship). Their new race car, the 2023 Ferrari LMH 499P, has undergone many tests and is now finally unveiled to the public.

Earlier it was said that the experienced AF Corse team will be in charge of the LMH prototype of the manufacturer from Maranello. “We are proud of this announcement. It is the crowning of a dream and recognition of the great effort made over the years. Our partnership with Ferrari is a winning one that began in 2006, and I am delighted to continue it in the LMH project We have immediately kicked off with great enthusiasm aiming to raise the bar even further and to be ready for this new challenge,” said AF Corse team owner Amato Ferrari.

The Ferrari 499P is powered by a twinturbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine with 680 hp (500 kW), which in combination with an electric motor with 272 hp (200 kW), produces a total of 952 hp (700 kW). The engine is paired with a seven-speed sequential gearbox. It is equipped with a 900-volt battery from Formula 1, which is charged by deceleration and braking.

The design of the car is reminiscent of the Deyton SP3, and it is decorated with a red color with yellow details, like the 312PB model from the seventies of the last century. The two cars will have the numbers 50 and 51, which pays tribute to Ferrari’s return to the WEC, but also to the number 51 worn by Ferrari racing cars throughout history.

Ferrari hopes that LMH will have the same success as the F430 GT2, which won all three titles in its debut season (team, drivers and constructors).

Source: Ferrari