BMW built a test site worth 300 million euros

BMW built a test site worth 300 million euros

BMW is one of the companies that works extensively on the electrification of its cars but also on the development of autonomous driving, and their new investment worth 300 million euros is a new test site for the development of autonomous driving and parking technologies.

This is not the first test site for autonomous driving that BMW has built. The German car manufacturer owns four other test sites in Aschheim, Munich, Miramas (France) and Arjeplog (Sweden). The test site is 600 hectares in size and allows BMW to test all kinds of different driving conditions such as those in the city, the countryside and the highway.

So far, BMW’s self-driving prototypes have covered about 70,000 kilometers including high-speed maneuvers on highways, braking tests, stops at traffic lights, and other tests. All test vehicles have drive-by-wire technology, which allows for perfectly consistent pedal control. When brake tests are performed, the vehicles are moved slightly to ensure that the results are not affected by small pieces of tire that may be left on the road.

The training ground is equipped with an advanced water management system that collects rainwater and uses it for on-track needs. Also, care was taken of the animal world by installing a control system for the amphibians that live in this area, which allows them to cross safely.

Source: BMW