Fiat 500e Gelateria Edition is the ice cream vehicle of the future

Fiat 500e Gelateria Edition is the ice cream vehicle of the future

Italy is famous for its delicacies, especially ice cream, and the old ice cream vans, powered by diesel engines, pollute the environment significantly. So Fiat found a solution for the future by introducing its sweet little concept car, the 500e Gelateria Edition, which could be the ice cream vehicle of the future.

The concept is based on the Fiat 500e Convertible and comes without a passenger seat and rear seat. Instead, there are two ice cream refrigerators with a capacity of 15 liters, as well as storage for cones, spoons and bowls. The vehicle can store enough ice cream for 300 people. During sunny days, while waiting for their ice creams, customers can take shelter under a small awning that provides shade.

It is finished in a combination of light blue and white, reminiscent of classic Italian ice cream shops from the fifties. Inside, the driver’s seat is also upholstered in light blue and white leather, and the Ivory dashboard features a centrally located touch screen and “Gelateria” lettering on the left side. Although it is a small car, it still provides enough space for two folding deckchairs.

Old ice cream vans are banned in some city areas, because their engines have to run all the time so that the refrigerators and other appliances in the van can be powered by electricity, producing significant amounts of CO2.

Source: Fiat