Chevrolet Camaro Z28 – the most responsive American V8

The Chevrolet Z/28 is a Camaro Sport Coupe with PRO Z28 – an option package with a number of built-in modifications and features. Most notable, the engine. The Chevrolet Z/28 is an engineering masterpiece. A big-bore, short-stroke 302 cubic inch plant that very quickly delivers about the strongest 290 hp you’ll ever feel. And 290 hp is only the production stage of tune. That’s mostly what makes the Z/28 Chevrolet’s most unique 4-passenger model – and the closest thing going to a four- place sports car.

The Z/28 is very well behaved in ordinary traffic. Smooth. Comfortable. Maneuverable. Even docile if you like. The Z/28 can putt a long bumper to bumper traffic as adequately as it can hum along the turnpike. It’s a very handsome machine as well. You can see how determined it looks, with bold rally striping over the bonnet and rear deck. Very posh on the inside, too. With comfortable all-vinyl bucket seats, carpeting, attractive appointments. Add the tach and bank of instruments and it looks like all business. It can be had in any one of Camaro’s 15 Magic-Mirror exterior colors for ’68 – with contrasting striping and color-keyed interior trim.

The steering is fast ratio. The wheels are big; tires are nylon cord, and designed for more than a routine driving. The suspension is heavy duty, with special springs front and rear. The Z/28 must be ordered with a Chevrolet 4-speed floor-mounted transmission – which is a zipping to operate. Power front disc brakes must also be specified. The standard rear axle ratio is 3.73:1 – other ranges available to fit your foot.

The 302 engine comes from a 327 block and a special 283 crankshaft. Features include a Holley 4-barrel carb, high-winding mechanical valve lifters, aluminum inlet manifold, dual, deep-tone exhaust system, special cam, oil pump and a cooling system., V8 with special camshaft and mechanical lifters, aluminum “tuned inlet” manifold, high-capacity oil pump and special baffling in oil pan. The cooling system includes a double-belt fan drive, an external bypass, a water pump, a thermostatically controlled 5-blade fan with an operating range of 2300 to 2600 rpm. It also includes a chrome air purifier cover, seesaw covers, a filling tube and a cover. Dual exhaust system with double deep tone. Spring diaphragm diaphragm switch of bent finger diameter 10.34 “with load capacity 2300-2600 lb.

But what the Z/28 contains and how it looks loses relevance when you’re inside, behind the wheel and when you’re moving. That way you will find out what this car is about. The luxuries of the 302 engine are matched by cars with excellent road feel. With relatively low engine weight and heavier rear parts that provide improved weight distribution for extra traction on the drive wheels. It holds up nicely on bends and bends. As you accelerate, decelerate and howl, you feel that the Z/28 is doing exactly what you are looking for. He sticks to what’s going on along the way, but it’s not too hard. You can still enjoy a long turn behind the wheel – or a good ride.

Rolls Royce Ghost – Timeless in concept, modern in execution

Rolls-Royce always captivates and forever inspires. Timeless in concept yet utterly modern in execution, Ghost is truly Rolls-Royce at its most graceful and dramatic.

Even when standing still, the dynamic beauty of Ghost conveys a striking charisma. The sumptuously soft lambswool floor mats. The cashmere blend and leather-covered roof lining. Every last detail of Ghost’s sleek, indulgent interior evokes a sense of soothing calm. Striking the perfect balance between pleasure and work, to allow even greater productivity while on the move. However long the trip, this intimate, exclusive space leaves the everyday far behind.

The very essence of traditional craftsmanship. Where cutting-edge
technology meets Ghost’s raft of sensory pleasures to deliver a sanctuary of peaceful serenity. Imbued with an ambience and presence both inviting and ultimately commanding. Designed with a sculptural fluidity and driver-focused purpose. Ghost transports passengers in unprecedented luxury.

Rolls Royce is powered by 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12 engine with 563 horsepower, 605 lb-ft of torque. Mated to the eight-speed automatic transmission that sends all this power to the rear wheels only. The Ghost accelerates from 0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds, with a top speed of 155 mph. Even for a vehicle weighing in at close to three tons, the standard engine never feels underpowered.

Step into your exclusive cocoon. Where sublime comforts and intuitive, discreet technology are always at your fingertips.

Lincoln Aviator

Travel with confidence. Glide with effortless grace. The all-new 2020 Lincoln Aviator. A place specially designed to evoke a sense of serenity. The Lincoln Aviator interior is carefully crafted to be that place.

The 3 spacious rows of seats in the Aviator provide comfort when traveling with family and friends. Seat up to 7 when you combine the 2nd-row bench seat with the standard 3rd-row PowerFold® bench seat. Or seat up to 6 with the heated and ventilated 2nd-row captain’s chairs. A panoramic Vista Roof® and best-in-class 2nd-row shoulder room bring even more joy.

Imagine if every stretch of road could feel freshly paved. In Aviator, it can, thanks to the advanced technologies in the Dynamic Handling Package. Adaptive Steering helps optimize steering response at all speeds. Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview helps Aviator detect upcoming road irregularities, then carry you comfortably over them. Air Glide Suspension optimizes the vehicle’s ride height and spring rates as your load and operating conditions change. With the Dynamic Lower Entry feature activated, the vehicle appears to “kneel” as you approach, graciously lowering by 50 mm to ease your entry. In Deep Conditions mode, it raises 30 mm above normal ride height to improve ground clearance. In Excite mode, it lowers to increase aerodynamics. Quite simply, this system helps Aviator deliver the most gliding ride experience of any vehicle in the Lincoln lineup.

Treat yourself to one of the most powerful and compelling engines in the Lincoln lineup: the Twin-Turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 that gives Aviator best-in-class standard 400 horsepower and 415 lb.-ft. of torque. This gasoline direct-injected engine is mated to the 10-speed SelectShift® automatic transmission, which can adapt in real time, engaging the right gear at the right time to deliver the performance you seek.

Elevate life’s journey in the all-new Aviator.

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