Porsche 911 Hybrid Coming in 2025

Porsche 911 Hybrid Coming in 2025

Last year, the story started about the first hybrid Porsche 911, which was supposed to arrive on the market this year, but it will not happen. According to the latest information, this model should appear on the market together with the redesigned Series 992 in 2025.

For a long time, Porsche refused to make its most popular model, the 911, fully electric. Nevertheless, they decided to follow the other competitors in terms of slowly abandoning the internal combustion engine, and the first step was the production of the first hybrid 911. The car has so far been tested on snowy roads, but also on one of the most famous racing tracks, the Nürburgring. Spy photos showed that the test prototype has a similar design to previous models.

The front end with large air intakes and vertical slats, additional lights on the sides that should not be part of the final design, narrower arches, a smaller spoiler and centrally placed exhaust pipes are just some of the features of this prototype.

“With a reminder that Porsche already has excellent models that are driven only by electric motors, which will soon be joined by the new generation models of the 718 Series, we absolutely do not see a justified reason for the complete electrification of our icon,” said Michael Steiner, a member of Porsche’s department for development.

When it comes to the powertrain, there is a lot of speculation. Some say it could use a naturally aspirated 4.0L engine like the one in the Cayman GT4. Some say it could have over 650 hp (478 kW). There is a lot of information, but only one is true. Which one? Only Porsche knows that.

Source: Porsche