The range of electric cars, true or false?

The range of electric cars, true or false?

When it comes to electric cars, range is one of the most important facts. But how accurate are those numbers? AutoBest found that only five of the 15 electric vehicles tested managed to achieve more than 90 percent of that range.

AutoBest tested, at a test site in Barcelona under equal conditions, cars in the price range up to 32,000 euros. Dacia Spring achieved the best results. With a full battery, it achieved over 98% of the stated range (221.03 km / 137.6 miles), which is 3 kilometers less than stated. In second place is the Kia Niro with 269.4 miles (433.35 km) or 95% of the range.

The worst results were achieved by Honda with 110.1 miles (178.14 km), or 78.46%, and Citroen e-C4 with 163.2 miles (262.54 km), or 74.59% of range.

Just as in the case of fossil fuel-powered cars, the declared range has remained in the realm of unattainable dreams for many cars.

Source: AutoBest