Nissan R32 EV Coming Soon

Nissan R32 EV Coming Soon

Nissan has announced that it is working on a unique R32 EV prototype, an electric version of one of its best cars, the R32 Skyline GT-R. It is based on the idea of one of Nissan’s engineers who joined Nissan precisely because of the GT-R model.

The standard Nissan R32 is powered by a 2.6L twin-turbo 6-cylinder engine with 316 hp (232 kW), but it was understated due to the Japanese car makers’ “gentlemen’s agreement” not to exceed 276 hp (203 kW). It was built to handle ~500 hp in racing trim, making it considered indestructible, which allowed tuners to add hundreds of horsepower. How popular the car actually is is shown by the fact that it was nicknamed “Godzilla”. It was also very successful which was transmitted to the road via a “very complicated” four-wheel drive. This car was extremely successful in motorsport and was nicknamed “Godzilla”.

“I want to make a more exciting car by giving my favorite model the latest electrification technology that I deal with,” said the unnamed engineer.

Whether the R32 EV project will simply be adding electrification to the Skyline’s internal combustion engine to create a hybrid despite the video showing the engine firing and running, as this could only mark the beginning of the prototype’s journey, is unknown.

Source: Nissan