Porsche is offering a roof tent for its 911 model

Porsche is offering a roof tent for its 911 model

We are used to seeing Porsche cars with various modifications and accessories, but some are really unusual. A tent on a Porsche car is not so common, but now the Stuttgart-based company recommends owners to use a tent on their cars.

At Porsche Tequipment, they decided to expand the range of their already rich offer with additional equipment, which includes a roof tent that will be able to be placed on most Porsche models, including the 911. It is not suitable for the GT, Cabrio and Targa models, but it should also be noted that the hardcas on roof reduces the car’s top speed to 81 mph (130 km/h).

The tent is designed so that it does not require the roof racks that we see on most SUVs, and is housed in a Black/Light Gray or a Black/Dark Gray hardcase. The material from which it is made will be offered in two two-tone combinations suitable for all seasons. If you decide to buy it, you should know that with it you get high-density polyfoam mattresses (soon with heated blankets) but also that with a size of 210 cm x 130 cm (82.6-in x 51.5-in) it offers enough space to accommodate two adults persons.

The tent costs 4,980 euros and will be available from November.

Source: Porsche