Honda Brio with 400 hp

Honda Brio with 400 hp

Honda Brio is one of the cars that the Japanese company only produced for the Southeast Asia market. It is a small car that is not intended for high speeds. However, the owner of one example of this model decided to turn it into a powerful car with 400 hp.

This Honda Brio is powered by turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that develops 400 hp. As a reminder, the standard model is powered by a 1,2L engine with 87 hp (64 kW) and 80 lb-ft (109 Nm) torque. Power is transferred to front wheels via 5-speed dual clutch transmission and limited slip differential.

The car is finished in Boston green, which is used for BMW E36. It is equipped with a body kit that includes wide front and rear fenders and sports bumper. The door is retained, but the rear seats were removed to find room for a security cage. The car weighs only 950 kg.

Honda Brio was owned by Malaysian Jonathan Jameson, who can boast that he has the strongest copy of this model, but also one of the most powerful cars of this category.


Source: Larry Chen Via YouTube