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Jaguar XE – instinctively manages to catch the eye

Get behind the wheel of an Jaguar XE and you feel like you’re sitting in a sports car. You’ll note the soft grain leather steering wheel and form-hugging 14-way adjustable front seats. You’ll appreciate the impeccable attention to detail, and how everything is so pleasingly uncluttered and considerately functional.

A refreshed cockpit-style interior offers outstanding levels of comfort, and the raised center console adds to its sportiness. So, when you settle into that plush leather seat, you connect with the car straight away. Just reach for the pulsing start button – a more engaging driving experience awaits.

JaguarDrive Control™ allows you to select from Comfort, Eco, Dynamic, and Rain/Ice/Snow Modes. Each mode has its own tailor-made program that alters different parameters, such as engine and transmission response, steering feel, parasitic load management or traction and stability control. The optional Adaptive Dynamics system makes for vastly improved ride comfort and dynamic body control using continuously variable damping technology. The system monitors multiple sensors that analyze vertical wheel positions, vehicle acceleration, steering inputs, as well as throttle and brake pedal activity to adjust the suspension damping settings. This provides a near-perfect balance of comfort, refinement and agility.

XE is the culmination of Jaguar’s prowess at designing and building sports cars. A lightweight aluminum chassis and double wishbone front suspension enable the highest levels of handling and road holding. Also, there’s intelligent Torque Vectoring by Braking technology. On tight turns, it applies the brake to the inside wheel and directs more rotating force from the engine to the wheel with the most grip.

The wellbeing of you and your passengers is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why XE comes equipped with the latest technologies. Engine drag torque control helps prevent wheel slip in adverse weather conditions by providing a gentle push to the wheels where needed.

The Jaguar XE offers two types of engines: – P250 GAS: The Ingenium 2.0 liter 4-cylinder 247HP Turbocharged Gas engine produces 269lb-ft of torque and delivers outstanding fuel economy and drivability. For excellent acceleration and effortless overtaking, maximum torque is available between 1,300-4,500 rpm. The twin-scroll turbocharger is fed by an integrated exhaust manifold which increases the transfer of energy to the turbine – significantly reducing turbo lag and improving engine response.

– P300 GAS: The high-performance Ingenium 2.0 liter 4-cylinder 296HP Turbocharged Gas engine features upgrades to the boosting system. Delivering a peak torque of 295lb-ft between 1,500-4,500 rpm. The uprated turbocharger features a high-flow compressor wheel, delivering 26 percent more air, enabling a peak power output of 296HP. The twin-scroll turbocharger features ceramic ball bearings which reduce friction and improve transient response.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The Mercedes‑Benz A‑Class starts an entirely new age of the automobile — and this time it’s the car that listens to its driver. Sporty and spacious, with turbo power and room for five, the A220 and allwheel-drive A220 4matic Sedans earn the Star in their grille on all counts. True driving enjoyment.

Connective innovations make bonding with your new A‑Class quick and easy. design is evident in every detail. No excess bulk or fussy lines here. It’s a new age of style, inside and out—timelessly modern but available with 64‑color ambient lighting, ventilated front seats, and four drive modes to keep it all fresh.

Power front seats with memory, also available with heating, ventilation. Precise multicontour adjustment Dual 7″ or 10.25″ digital screens for instruments and multimedia display 64‑color. Multizone ambient lighting, including illuminated dash vents 590‑watt, 12‑speaker Burmester ® Surround Sound System. Power tinted glass Panorama roof AMG Line, including AMG ® styling and 18″ wheels. Sport tuned chassis, chrome diamond block grille, sport steering wheel and cabin details. Night Package with gloss black trim. Split folding 3‑passenger rear seat with center armrest.

Turbo torque equals quicker going with fewer gas stops. Multispark ignition, Direct Injection and CAMTRONIC technologies react in milliseconds for stronger, cleaner power. MULTIPLE MODES let you tune how your A‑Class responds with the tap of a button. DYNAMIC SELECT offers four driving modes from ECO to Sport to a make-your-own setup. HIGHLIGHTS 188‑hp 2.0L inline‑4 turbo engine, 221 lb‑ft of torque from 1,250 rpm Variable-torque 4matic® all-wheel drive (A220 4matic) Paddle-shifted 7‑DCT 7‑speed dual-clutch transmission 4‑wheel independent suspension, with multimode adaptive damping DYNAMIC SELECT drive modes AMG Line with perforated front brakes, painted calipers, lowered suspension, and Direct-Steer.

Stylishly appointed and generously equipped even in standard form, the Mercedes‑Benz A‑Class also offers a wide array of optional equipment to satisfy your needs and wishes.

McLaren GT – travel in style and comfort

Shaped for epic travel in style and comfort, the new Grand Tourer – McLaren GT is a dramatic departure from the norm. Each McLaren is shaped by uncompromising pursuit of perfection. A relentless desire to challenge the established order.

The old rules no longer apply. New McLaren GT is the Grand Tourer reimagined. Much quicker than anything in its class. And infinitely more engaging to drive, whether you’re on a mountain pass or a motorway. But this is no raw, unyielding sports car. Its profile flows beautifully. Its ride is exceptional. The cabin is acutely modern – a masterpiece of tactile luxury. Immaculately trimmed luggage space. It’s every inch a pure-bred McLaren.

Flowing lines and sleek forms mark a radical new Grand Tourer. The body is longer than other McLaren models at nearly 4.7m. But these elegant overhangs are there for good reason. Externally, to aid aerodynamics. And internally, to create usable space. Above the rear wheels, the car’s impressive, authoritative form is shaped to house highly efficient cooling air intakes for the engine. Jewel-like LED headlights with discreet McLaren branding are a world away from convention. They also have automatic rain and light sensors.

Inside the new McLaren GT you won’t find any of the bulky clutter that defines a traditional Grand Tourer cockpit. Soft, delicate curves shrink wrap around touchscreens and speakers. The floating centre console creates an airy ambience and sense of space. The infotainment system offers speed, fluidity and intuitive function at your fingertips. The huge windscreen, sweeping glazed tailgate and C-pillars allow daylight to bathe the cabin. And the optional electrochromic roof lets you fine-tune the interior light further. At the touch of a button, you can switch from opaque to transparent – with several subtle grades of shade in between.

The new McLaren GT is built around innovation. Its core is the lightweight, super-stiff MonoCell II-T – a new version of legendary carbon fibre chassis, optimised for Grand Tourer usability. Enabling more luggage capacity. More cabin space, visibility and light. It also makes the car hundreds of kilogrammes lighter compared to a traditional chassis. Stronger than traditional automotive materials such as steel or aluminium, the MonoCell II-T is inherently safer. Tailor-made for everyday usability. And the foundation of thrilling driver engagement…

Traditionally, Grand Tourers have frontmounted engines. But the new McLaren GT breaks this convention in every way. Mid-mounted on the bespoke lightweight carbon fibre MonoCell II-T is a new McLaren 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 power plant. It produces 620PS at 7,000rpm. And 630Nm of torque from 5,500rpm to 6,500rpm. Much of this deep reserve of torque is easily accessible from low revs. Delivering smooth, easy drivability. The engine is also fuel efficient and produces less CO2 relative to power output. Select Comfort mode on the Active Dynamics Panel and there’s even a ‘quiet start’ function for more discreet getaways. Plus a softer exhaust note when cruising at top speed.

In the new McLaren GT you’ll find a choice of the finest leathers and Alcantara®. There’s also soft, cossetting Cashmere. Tactile knurled aluminium. And next-generation materials such as SuperFabric® – an ultra-durable innovation to line and protect the spacious luggage bay. The Power Adjusted Heated Memory Comfort Seats feature intricate perforations, double piping and bespoke stitching.